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ReinSaat is – we are

in the REGIONAL VALUE CREATION category - for the new development of GMO-free, regionally adapted and open-pollinated crops. Their seeds can be harvested and used for the next sowing season and achieve about the same yield as in the previous year. Official statement by the jury, September 2021


The most prestigious Austrian award for responsible management was given on September 16, 2021 in the dome hall of the Vienna University of Technology for the 18th time to companies that assume a leadership role and special role model effect for responsible management and sustainability and thus contribute significantly to the future viability of the economy, society and the environment.

During the award ceremony, Maria Bödecker (authorized signatory), on behalf of Reinhild Frech Emmelmann (founder and managing director) and the entire ReinSaat team, received the TRIGOS 2021 in the "Regional Value Creation" category. From a total of 150 companies participating in 6 categories and 18 nominations, ReinSaat was able to convince the jury of its regional innovative strength, its sustainable economy and its future viability in the province with the submission under the title "Region and Province as a fertile nucleus of sustainable activity".

“It is a wonderful and, thanks to the TRIGOS trophy, now also visible to the outside world sign, the company philosophy and employee culture that we live by on a daily basis. This award is due to the innovative strength, the commitment and the drive of all ReinSaat employees, above all the pioneer, founder and visionary Reinhild Frech Emmelmann. " Maria Bödecker, authorized signatory

Create regional values

In the “Regional Value Creation” category won by ReinSaat, companies are honored for their responsible and sustainable management and contribution to making the respective region attractive and sustainable. With the TRIGOS Award in this category, ReinSaat is one of those companies in Austria that take on a leadership role in responsible business and keep value creation in the region in an exemplary manner, promote regional products and services, support initiatives for the development of the region and help shape it in a positive way, actively contributing to the further development of the region.

We at ReinSaat are proud and happy with this award, but we are also aware of the great responsibility that it entails. The TRIGOS 2021 as a visible sign of responsible management - an attitude and company philosophy that ReinSaat has lived out of conviction from the start and has now also won awards - a jointly achieved profit that we want to share and celebrate with all our customers, suppliers and partner companies.

Link zum Live Stream der Preisverleihung




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